E-Book Package


Our e-Book Package reflects the growing popularity of e-books. So if your books are not available as an e-book, you are missing out on the many benefits that many authors already enjoy.

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Solo Package


Our SOLO package designed for authors who either already have a solid marketing foundation or intend to sell their books primarily through speaking engagements, events and seminars.

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Impact Package


Our IMPACT Package will turn your manuscript into a superbly designed, legally registered book, marketed and sold internationally without you having to pay for one book!

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Optimum Package


Our OTIMUM Package a.k.a 'The Works' combines both print and e-Book publishing making it the most complete self publishing package in the industry.

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featured books

Journal Of A Slave And His Descendants

By Jacqueline Blackett

Journal of a Slave and His Descendants is a refreshing and compelling novel that neatly traces the `Middle Passage' Slave Trade through the eyes of ancestral root-characters including Africans and Eur...Read

The Miseducation Of The Masses

By Wayne Malcolm

In this eye-opening book, Wayne Malcolm explains how mis- education has misguided a whole generation into a state of economic dependency and helplessness. He explains why most people are ill equipped ...Read

Loving On The Edge

By Ewan Denny

Loving on the Edge has had rave reviews from christians and churches around the world as well as from people who simply love a good story. The book explores what happens when the pastor's daughter of ...Read